About Us

Immersant Data Solutions was founded in 2014 by Grigori Nicoloudakis, Remo Siciliano and Matt Horn.

Having worked for successful Business Intelligence consultancies and with vast experience over their many years in information technology, Grigori, Remo and Matt sought to grow their individual expertise into an organisation and collaborate more effectively as a team. Immersant Data Solutions was born, our goal being to grow the organisation through strategic partnerships as well as close client relationships providing services and solutions underpinned by skilled resources and a dynamic team.

What We Do

Immersant is a data solutions company. We focus on providing services and solutions covering integration, data management, warehousing, Business Intelligence, Mobile and Traditional development space as well as expert consultancy and support for clients ranging in size from medium to large corporates.

Immersant provides expertise from architecture through development to support and maintenance underpinned by Service Level Agreements ensuring a long term, responsible and productive relationship, We’re a company that designs quality, builds professionally and supports the solution once implemented.

Immersant has points of presence in Johannesburg and Cape Town and a broader reach into Africa and globally through our strong network of strategic partners.

Software Solutions

Purpose Built.

With a skilfully managed, full software development lifecycle, delivers intentionally designed solutions incorporating off-the-shelf and purpose built applications, connected by industry leading integration components between applications and systems providing a single solution satisfying business requirements, underpinning the organizations strategic view of information technology while displaying true Return On Investment

Expert technical knowledge in the development, design and implementation spaces allow for delivery of business enabling software solutions ranging from stand-alone bespoke applications to fully architected enterprise wide implementations. Immersant engages with industry leading providers to empower business across verticals such as Finance, Banking, Global Markets, Chemicals, Mining, Higher Education, Audit, Energy, Construction, Retail, Gaming, Telemetry, Insurance and Transport.

Software is, in itself, not a competitive edge..

Immersant engage closely with all tiers of business to ensure solutions are properly architected and designed specifically to enhance the user experience and the overarching business process, resulting in objectives being reached or met more effectively and rapidly providing the organization with the foundations required for a true competitive edge. Maintaining this edge means evolving your foundations to quickly and effectively align with the business process in the advent of newer technologies and mechanisms.

Data Management

The data explosion in every conceivable aspect of our lives, on every device, application and within every organization, fueled by the consumerization of information technology and the global proliferation of data generating devices – the over 5 billion mobile phones, 1 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook daily and billions of internet searches are expected to grow by over 4000 percent in the next 10 years is creating challenges to both how data is managed as well as how to continually respond and adjust in a climate where the ever increasing volume and pace of change appear to be the only constants.

With transactional data growth skyrocketing across organizations, the challenge is to derive meaningful information from that ever-changing river of raw, unstructured and unintegrated data on an ongoing basis

Evolving business requirements and user demand for accurate, accessible and dynamic information through and from responsive and diverse channels is critical to turning Information into actionable insights.

Immersant’s experience and data expertise lies in consolidating and transforming raw data into a managed, accessible and dynamic form supportive of the organizations growth strategy through flexible and organic solutions architectures, utilizing the latest technologies and techniques.

Business Intelligence

How often is an organisations ability to respond or execute impaired while patiently waiting for static reports based on aging data that depend on IT professionals to deliver?

Real-time, dynamic, distilled data delivered in a convenient, interactive and visually immersive experience. This is today’s expectation, both in private and work aspects of peoples lives and is driving organisations to satisfy these anytime, anywhere information needs by seeking better, more responsive and adaptable solutions than the traditional standard, static reports based on delayed data.

Immersant architects and develops structures, processes and analytics that support rapid and simple access to near real-time dynamic data, delivered in highly interactive and visually immersive ways enabling business professionals to unlock valuable insights and seamlessly collaborate across the organization with the same level of convenience as people expect in their private lives.

Immersant Business Intelligence, designed for usability and effective self-service, empower employees to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to opportunities and changing conditions with intuitive, easy-to-use tools that seamlessly plug into common business applications, such as sharepoint and excel, providing a familiar environment with an easy learning path.


Our goals are straightforward.

Engage closely with all our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of their needs and help to identify potential pain points and best suited solutions.

Listen to our clients and welcome their feedback and ideas to acknowledge what we’ve done right and to implement change where we can do better.

Build a reputation for excellence.

Grow the company with the support of our clients through long term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Provide outstanding service to our clients through our solutions and services, backed up by world class support and maintenance.

Apply the most efficient application of expert knowledge in all aspects of our work, continually improving ourselves through training, knowledge-sharing and supporting professional and personal growth.


We believe strongly in the adage

“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”

By delivering excellence, to our clients and to ourselves, we build trust and respect. Through these two values we aim to build an organisation of valued people and loyal clients, being the first port of call for quality and excellence.

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